FILTER REACTOR, PHASES:3, QC(KVAR):48,45, UN(V):400, F(HZ):50, P(%):14, TA/ISOKL:40 /H, RIPPLE VOLT. (%):110 /0,5 /6 /5, FRES(HZ):134, IP00, TYPE OF TERMINALS:SCREW/FLAT-TYPE TERMINAL, EN 61558-2-20 >,CHOKE<, || 4EU9932-0AG00-0BA0

Артикул: 4EU9932-0AG00-0BA0
Производитель: Siemens

Delivery information
Export Control Regulations ECCN : N / AL : N
Delivery Time 120 Working day/Working days
Net Weight (kg) 38,000 Kg
Product Dimensions (W x L x H) Not available
Packaging Dimension Not available
Package size unit of measure Not available
Quantity Unit Piece
Packaging Quantity 1

Country of origin Germany

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